Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre 

Pursuant to the policies of The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP), Young Engineers Forum has been established at the IEP, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre (RIC), with a view to bring in young engineers into mainstream of the activities of IEP, in line with global practices, and to exploit their full potential to promote and strengthen the professional engineers' apex body.
Young engineers are a valuable asset to any nation. In Pakistan’s perspective, however, they are sadly being deprived of recognizing their significance and key role in nation-building. The Young Engineers Forum at IEP-RIC, therefore, aims to provide a platform for the purpose of effectively involving young engineers in the activities of IEP with a view to gain and share knowledge and experience, which prepare them to take on future leadership role.
The Forum will provide its members; inter alia, an opportunity to:
Developing their abilities and skills
Exposure to employment/internship resources online
Promoting entrepreneurship
Creating new ideas/innovations
Guiding to long-term career
Improving social and economic status, and
Inculcating confidence and ability to adjust to environments.
Initially, five nominated young engineers – including Convener - will act as Executive Body of the Forum, whereas all activities are to be coordinated by the Chairman/Secretary of the Centre. In the first phase, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses that IEP organizes in collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will be offered to the members on concessional fee or on no fee basis. In the second phase, awards and scholarships are to be instituted for the deserving members of the Forum. Part of the IEP-RIC lectures, seminars, workshops etc. will be specifically catered to the needs of the Forum members.
Membership of the Forum is free of cost and open to young engineers, who are registered Members of The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan. To enroll as Member of the Young Engineers Forum, please send your name alongwith IEP Membership no. and contacts to: iepislamabadcenter@gmail.com