Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre 
Grades of Membership

The Institution is the premier and biggest organization of qualified engineers having a membership of over 50,000 engineers of various disciplines.
Grades of Membership

There are (8) classes of membership available:

  • Fellow (Corporate Members)
  • Member (Corporate Members)
  • Honorary Fellow
  • Associate Member
  • Associate 
  • Student Member
  • Affiliate 
  • Subscriber . 
Engineers Disciplines

Membership is open to various branches of engineering, namely Aeronautical, Agriculture, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Marine, Nuclear, Petroleum and Gas, Structural, Telecommunication Textile and such other as may be approved by the council.


Every candidate for admission to a category of membership shall produce evidence satisfactory to the council that he satisfies the desired conditions:
He shall not be less than 40 (forty) years of age; possesses minimum of BSc Engg. degree or equivalent; holds a position of high responsibility in the Engineering profession for the last ten years and must be Life member.
He shall not be less than 21 (twenty-one) years of age; possesses minimum of BSc Engg. degree or equivalent; and has three to four years of practical experience.
Honorary Fellow
Person of distinction whom the institution desires to honor for services rendered thereto, or whose association is deemed to be of benefit to the Institution.
Associate Member
He shall have passed BSc Engineering degree or equivalent, as a minimum.
He shall have satisfactory completed the three (3) year programme of instruction in a technology leading to a diploma of Associate Engineer or equivalent recognize by the council.
Student Member
He shall be attending a regular course of studies leading to a degree in engineering. He is a student in a technical institution recognize by the institution, and must be in his final year.
Persons, not engineers, but whose interest is connected with the engineering profession through their occupation.
The council may at its discretion attach to the institution as a Subscriber any Government Department, Public Body, Registered Company, Firm or individual not eligible to be a member of any other category. Each Subscriber shall be entitled to attend or (if the subscriber be other than an individual) to depute representative to attend Annual Conversation.